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Snakes & lizards Our newly opened reptile centre in Ely includes Gecko’s and snakes in a variety of unique and beautiful patterns and colours. Come and speak to our experts to discover more about these animals and see what great pets they can make!
Spiders We hold a selection of spiders in our Ely reptile store and we can also supply vivarium’s and food for these fascinating creatures. If you have ever thought about owning one of these hairy eight legged wonders please come in for a chat and let us show you our stock.
Scorpions We can also supply scorpions and all the accessories required to maintain them in a healthy condition. Scorpions are fascinating creatures to observe and if you want to know more about keeping scorpions please visit our reptile store in Ely from advice.
Food & accessories Our stock of reptile food and accessories includes crickets, locusts, frozen rats and mice. We also stock a range of vivarium’s, heat lamps, heat mats, and all the accessories you need to keep snakes, lizards, spiders, and scorpions. 
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