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Main stockists for:     .....and many more popular & specialist brands!
Fish We stock a wide selection of tropical, cold water, and pond fish. Our new dedicated fish showroom in Ely has over 70 aquariums for you to view and choose your fish. All fish pass through our specialised quarantine area before reaching the display tanks so you are assured healthy fish. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select suitable stock for your tank.
Aquariums We have aquariums available in a variety of sizes and designs from all the leading manufacturers including Reef One (BiOrb and BiUbe) and Juwel, pumps by Eheim and API, and pond equipment by Blagdon. Whether you are planning a tropical aquarium, goldfish tank, or garden pond please come and speak to our experts for free advice and guidance.
Aquatic plants & ornaments Our dedicated fish showroom in Ely has a range of floating and submerged plants available for you to view and buy. We also stock a wide range of ornamental, silk and plastic aquarium plants and aquarium background to help make your aquarium look stunning.
Food and accessories Our aquatic centre in Ely stocks a range of aquarium fish food including tropical and cold water fish food, and also food for pond fish. This includes pellets, flakes, koi sticks, and a good selection of frozen foods including worms. We also stock accessories such as filters, thermometers, cleaning aids, etc.
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